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    as a CONTESTANT,
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    of the Chicago Hungarian Gulyás Festival and send your application to info@gulyasfesztival.com

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    The Festival is held on the grounds of

    Norridge United Church of Christ
    8260 W. Foster Ave.,
    Norridge, IL 60706

    Food, dance, art, music, and mouth-watering
    sampling of Hungarian Cuisine!

    This year the popular Hungarian folk band - the "Heveder Banda" - is returning to us. They pretty much guarantee a two-day long fun and happy memories!

    If you have the best Gulyás/Gulash/Goulash recipe (beef stew cooked over open flames) - bring it on!

    JOIN the competition in the Gulyás Cook-off!

    LIVE Broadcast begins in:










    At the heart of the Hungarian tradition are customs that celebrate life with delectable food, festive music, and dance, as well as a renowned hospitality amongst family and friends.

    Featured at the festival is a large sampling of the Hungarian kitchen which includes the bottomless gulyas pot, mititei, crêpes, kürtöskalács (rolled sweet dough), lángos (elephant ears), and a more!

    Some accomplished Hungarian companies will represent themselves on the festival with wide variety of goods for sale! Jewelry, mugs, books, t-shirts, ceramic vases and more will be available for purchase.

    In addition, our festival provides a safe and fun children's area complete with games, face painting, and other fun activities to keep the kids entertained.

    Our community extends an invitation for everyone to come join your friends and family and celebrate all things Hungarian with us!


    TICKETS (available at the door):
    ~ $20 / day
    ~ $30 / 2 days
    ~ $5 for children between ages 6-12

    Schedule of Events

    Saturday July 9, 2016
    11:00AM - Official lighting of the fires
    3:00 PM - Official end to the cooking and start of the tasting
    4:00 PM - Announcement of the judges' winners
    5:00 PM - Announcement of the people's choice award
    7:00 PM - Teaching of Hungarian folkdance for children
    7:30 PM - Teaching of Hungarian folkdance for adults
    8:30 PM - Campfire and music with Heveder Band

    Sunday July 10, 2016
    10:00 AM - Sunday service
    12:00 PM - beginning to serve the bottomless Gulyás
    1:00 PM - Who is the best in ...? (playful contests throughout the day)
    2:00 PM - Screening of the Final Match of UEFA EURO 2016
    6:00 PM - Folk Dance Performance by the Heveder Band and with professional dancers from Hungary
    7:00 PM - Catch the rhythm of Hungarian Folk Dance (dance teaching)
    8:00 PM - Campfire and music with Heveder Band
    10:00 PM - End of Festival

    Napi Program

    Szombat, Július 9, 2016
    11:00 AM - Hivatalos tűzgyújtás
    3:00 PM - Főzőverseny vége, megkezdődhet a kóstólás
    4:00 PM - A zsűri eredményt hírdet
    5:00 PM - Közönségdíj nyertesének kihírdetése
    6:00 PM - Gulyás legényünk kihívása rád vár!!!
    7:00 PM - Néptánc tanítás gyerekeknek
    7.30 PM - Néptánc tanítás felnőtteknek
    8:30 PM - Tábortűz és magyar könnyűzene a Heveder Bandával

    Vasárnap, Július 10, 2016
    10:00 AM - Istentisztelet
    12:00 PM - Kész a Gulyás
    1:00 PM - Ki is a legjobb ...? (játékos vetélkedők)
    2:00 PM - 2016-os Labdarúgó-Európa-Bajnokság döntő mérkőzésének vetítése
    6:00 PM - Néptánc - Heveder Band előadása hivatásos táncosokkal Magyarországról
    7:00 PM - Vedd fel a magyar néptánc ritmusát (játékos táncok)
    8:00 PM - Tábortűz és magyar könnyűzene a Heveder Bandával
    10:00 PM - Itt a vége, fuss el véle